Covid-19 Update September 2021

It has been over a year since our last COVID update and MLHL has survived the waves to date. It has been quite the journey to learn all the necessary precautions to deal effectively with COVID-19. We are thrilled to say, that throughout each wave, we have never had to restrict families from being essential participants at the house, and thus ensuring that our loved ones did not struggle with isolation. The families, in honoring their loved ones, have followed our COVID directives of weekly swabbing to ensure everyone’s safety. In June 2021, Memory Lane Home Living chose to make vaccinations a mandatory requirement for volunteers, family and staff entering the house. We still continue masking while indoors with those who have a dementia diagnosis.

We believe that vaccinations are an individual’s right. However, we feel strongly that working with seniors, is a privilege, for which vaccinations should be a pre-requisite. We welcome newcomers to Memory Lane Home Living Inc to join us in our new Community Connections program, however, all participants must be fully vaccinated.