A healthy heart is the best prevention for vascular dementia.

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February is Heart Health month and a good reminder that a healthy heart is the best prevention for Vascular Dementia which is the second most common dementia.  June Andrews, Director of Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling, describes the problem with vascular dementia is a reduced  blood supply to the brain causing some of the brain tissue to die.  Heart problems that cause difficulties with circulation and increase the risk of heart attack, will increase the risk of vascular dementia; This would include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and any heart related problems.  Lifestyle issues such as lack of exercise, smoking, eating too much of the wrong sort of foods, and stress levels can  contribute to heart issues and eventually increase the likelihood of a vascular dementia diagnosis.  Vascular dementia is progressive but treating the underlying medical  conditions can slow the rate of decline. Remember what is good for the heart is good for the brain!

Original Article Source Credits: Andrews, J. (2016) p.29-31. When Someone you Know has Dementia, Greystone Books.