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Assisted Living Home Richmond Hill

About Memory Lane Home Living Inc.

It’s incredible what sharing the journey of memory loss with others can do for people. And, as a non-profit assisting women with dementia, we feel privileged to facilitate such encounters. Through our mini-day programs, we offer caregivers and their loved ones a chance to smile, laugh, dance, and make new friends.

Memory Lane Home Living Inc. has been operational since 2017. Our Team has over 50 cumulative professional years of experience in the area of seniors’ health care and dementia. It was both the lived and professional experience that inspired our forward-thinking, to become leaders in a new way of Alternative Living.

Together, we provide a cozy home in the ‘heart of Richmond Hill’—close to nature that can comfortably accommodate up to five senior women with mild memory loss. These include women who can function, wish to continue taking part in day-to-day living choices, yet can no longer live independently.

Residents enjoy the privacy of their own rooms while being able to mingle in our two spacious living rooms, common kitchen, and perfectly manicured yard. They get to go on walks in the park, participate in creative art classes, and do indoor musical activities throughout the year. We also offer two mini-day programs with live music and a light lunch that runs weekly in the community. We even host conferences throughout York Region to educate those interested in learning about the needs of caregivers and their loved ones with dementia.

Memory Lane Home Living Inc. operates within York Region, Ontario, Canada. We are busiest during the fall season when people need to get ‘back to the grind’ after their summer vacation.

The Memory Lane Home Living Inc. Difference

To offer our clients the right atmosphere, we incorporate a model of care that has been hugely successful in Europe (Germany) for the past twenty years. Although it is considered innovative in Canada, the idea of person-centered care that puts ‘quality of life’ ahead of ‘quality of services’ has been around for decades in Europe. We are one of the few organizations in York Region that have trained with Dementia Care Matter to incorporate the Butterfly Model of Care into our home. We aren’t re-inventing the wheel. We are simply using our hearts and minds to connect with people with memory loss and show them how to live well with dementia.

Unlike more traditional health care settings, our home offers freedom. At Memory Lane, residents get to choose when they want to have breakfast, go out, or whether or not to participate in an activity. Sleeping in is perfectly acceptable here. There are no formal rules to follow, and residents are involved in making day-to-day decisions that impact their lives.

Another valuable advantage of our facility is that sharing the cost of our in-home support person, who is on-site 24 hours a day, gives residents enormous cost savings. Co-residing comes with other financial benefits too, which can help tremendously during a trying time.

To provide reliable care to your loved ones, our team is made up of dedicated, experienced, educated, committed, and compassionate individuals. We are people who’ve been where you are now as many of us have had to care for mothers, grandmothers, or clients with memory loss. We know what it feels like, and this understanding is at the root of our desire to make a change for the better in our region, province, and country.

It is this understanding that also drives us to host conferences and provide free, online resources about memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s to educate and assist people to better care for their aging family members. It is all the more encouraging when attendees come to our conferences, and are empowered by expert lecturers, and come away richer from the experience. This motivates us further to keep doing what we do best.

Recently, our work has received recognition, and appreciation, from the Alzheimer’s Society of York Region during the 2019 fundraiser which we led on their behalf. We’ve also received government attention from Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), several of whom have attended our mini-day programs and conferences.

While we are proud of the impact our conferences have on our community, we’re most excited about our success with pioneering European concepts of Alternative Living for persons with memory loss in Canada. We envision our concept of assisted home living succeeding with many more such homes being created throughout our province and, eventually, country. In many ways, we think of this as the first of a growing model to better living for seniors with dementia.

Memory loss does not discriminate; it can affect anyone. Every 3 seconds someone in the world receives a dementia diagnosis. Dr. David Sheard of Dementia Care Matters recently said on TVO during a television interview with Steve Paikin (‘Revolutionizing Dementia Care’) that ‘dementia will be the biggest health issue in Canada for the next 10 years. It will be bigger than cancer or heart disease.’

Our home accommodates older women who experience memory loss that renders them unable to live independently as their condition is greater than merely forgetting where they placed their keys. They could be forgetting their own name, driving and suddenly forgetting their destination, or forget to turn off the stove. If your mom, aunt, or grandmother experiences this kind of forgetfulness, please reach out to us for a consultation.

To learn more about all that we do at Memory Lane Home Living Inc. to help people with dementia, please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.